Following A Star (2005)

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  1. Watchin’ From A Distance
  2. All I Need
  3. Too Far
  4. Remember
  5. Coastin’
  6. Beautiful Uncertainty
  7. The Aisle


All songs written by AJ Harbison

All instruments and vocals performed by AJ Harbison

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Edited, Engineered, Special Effects-ed, etc. etc. etc. by AJ Harbison

Recorded in AJ’s Bedroom Studios, Redlands, CA

Recorded with GarageBand v. 1.1.0 on an iBook G4 laptop running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger


AJ Harbison would like to thank God, family, friends, my guitar, my computer, and anyone and anything that ever helped me in any way whatsoever. And just in case I missed you: thank you too.

Special Thanks:

To the Duraflame log that inspired the song “Remember.”

To my brother Mark who helped me with some of the lines in “Remember” (although not as many as he thinks he did).

To Derek Webb for rocking so hard.

Also to Derek Webb whose song “Wedding Dress” inspired my song “The Aisle.”

To God for being the willing addressee of several of these songs.

To the various girls who are unwittingly the addressees of several others of these songs.

To the Bible which inspired the line “I may not be a wise man, but I’m following a star” in “Watchin’ From A Distance” (see Matthew 2:1-2).

To my friend Jessica, who wrote a poem late one night when we were hanging out which became the inspiration for “Too Far.”

To people who don’t think I’m really a rock star, because they’ll soon be set straight.

And finally, to nobody in particular: thank you for just being you.

Oh… and to Raelynn, for designing and maintaining my first website. May it rest in peace.


AJ Harbison uses and endorses the following products: Ovation guitars, Dunlop picks, D’Addario strings, iBook G4 laptop computers, Apple iPods and GarageBand programs.

AJ Harbison wishes he had enough money to use and endorse the following products: Martin guitars, Gibson guitars, Macbook Pro laptop computers, ProTools programs, Korg Triton keyboards, Vox amps, Bose sound systems, Jaguar automobiles, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory truffles.