Following A Star – Coastin’



I’m movin’ out and I’m movin’ on
I can’t look back ’cause I’m almost gone
I’m tryin’ to let go but I’m still holdin’ on
I don’t know if I’m ready or not, think I’ll just coast on through

Packed up my stuff the other day
Pretty soon I’ll be far away
I’m drinking Starbucks, I’m tired anyway
I think I might be slowing down
I drove all night and I slept all day
I wrote this song down on my way
I’m starting to think I might be okay
But I can’t see the other side of this town

Made a wrong turn, ended up at your place
Thought you might be my saving grace
But you slammed your door right in my face
And my heart still hurts from the blow
Your feelings for me, gone and left no trace
A lily-white hand with a can of mace
My beating heart ain’t got no case
And I’m less than your average Joe

I don’t know jack and I don’t know you
But I won’t let these gray skies make me blue
It’s all good, I’ll just coast on through
My feet don’t touch the ground anyway