Following A Star – Beautiful Uncertainty



Chasing you and moving backwards with each step
Pursuing something that I know I’ll never get
Your face haunts me in all my waking dreams
Falling through all I thought I knew of me
Into something that I know I cannot be
More than words, less than love, it’s never what it seems

And you’re a beautiful uncertainty I know I cannot touch
If the lie is cheaper than the truth, tell me then, why do I pay so much
For just a few sincere but empty smiles

I’m still standing where I talked to you last night
I’m surrounded by your imaginary light
This flimsy halo that I’ve placed upon your head
If I could get what I want without the fall
When I get it, it’s not what I want at all
But I’m still hangin’ on to every word you said

And the windows of your soul cannot conceal what lies within
Well you may say you love me too but if you do I know you’re lyin’
I may never win your heart but if I do I might be wrong
To think that we could ever work so I’ll just keep singin’ this song…

You are beautiful, you are beautiful