#illomusicfriday 2/26/16: “Shelter”

This week’s #illomusicfriday process, and product, turned out differently than usual. The word was “Shelter,” and Eleanor and I were both excited about it. She started working on a piece with a small cave providing shelter from a large storm, and inspired by that I created a piano riff with my favorite pair of reverbs (two Space Designers in Logic—one for ambience and one for shimmer), and some cool delay, to abstract the rain from her piece. Then she realized that she wanted her piece to be a fully-developed drawing for her portfolio, which she wouldn’t be able to finish by Friday. So instead of posting that, she decided to substitute a piece from her last portfolio called “Shooting Stars,” which also shows a cave as a sort of shelter, but with a different feel. I took the piano riff, made it into shooting stars instead of rain, and added a bass line and some subtle electronic percussion—using the same Logic instruments that I used in my fixed media piece And See The Flaming Skies. I know I’ve said this before, but I really feel like this one might be my favorite #illomusicfriday yet—I love this piece of hers, and the music adds a new element to the world she’s created. I want to see this in a movie. And maybe we’ll do an extended/altered version of this piece when she finishes her “Shelter” drawing!


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