Performed by Julia Janda (clarinet), Samantha Beemer (trombone), Matthew Anderson (vibraphone), and Courtney Burris Ruth (violin)

Perusal scores are downloadable and viewable but not printable.

Instrumentation: Mixed quartet (clarinet, trombone, vibraphone, violin)

Duration: 1 minute

Year composed: 2015

Place composed: Kansas City, Missouri

Program Notes: Tintinnambulance is a juxtaposition of the two ideas that make up the wordplay of its title: Arvo Pärt’s tintinnabuli composition style (consisting of repeated chords in inversions, combined with diatonic stepwise motion) and the discord and sound of an ambulance siren. It is a reflection on the tension between our desire for meditation and peace on one hand, and the noise and chaos of the world around us on the other.