Performed by Kelly Birch (voice 1), AJ Harbison (voice 2) and Erik Jansen (voice 3)

Perusal scores are downloadable and viewable but not printable.

Instrumentation: Three speaking voices

Duration: ca. 2 minutes

Year composed: 2015

Place composed: Kansas City, Missouri

Program Notes: Stravinstokian was written as an assignment for a post-tonal theory analysis class at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the fall of 2015. It employs rhythmic techniques used by Igor Stravinsky and Béla Bartók, including syncopation, hemiola, changing meters, and simultaneous different meters. The piece begins with Voice 1 introducing its own rhythmic “melody,” which is gradually accompanied by the other two voices. Then Voice 2 introduces its “melody,” which is gradually accompanied, and Voice 3 does the same. Finally, in a Stravinskian stratification, all three voices speak their own “melodies” simultaneously, in multiple meters; Voices 1 and 2 change to accompaniment patterns as Voice 3 continues its “melody,” and the piece ends with Voices 1 and 2 dropping out, then building back in for a final “bop” with Voice 3.