#illomusicfriday 3/18/16: “Dragon”

I was working hard on my thesis again this week (almost done with revisions!), so I stole from it again for this #illomusicfriday. The word was “Dragon,” and Eleanor decided to draw an ominous but idle one, sitting on her hoard of treasure, and I happened to have an ominous motive in my thesis which is played by the bass clarinet, bassoon, and contrabassoon. Sadly, in the Logic sample library (the only one I have right now), there was no bass clarinet and no contrabassoon; so this version is played by two bassoons (panned left and right) and a regular clarinet. The motive is imitated exactly by the two higher parts, but offset by a couple of beats, until they come together for the final chord, which I diminish (with the clarinet) from a minor triad to an augmented one. Her drawing is a work in progress, as is my thesis!


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