#illomusicfriday 3/11/16: “Childhood”

This week I was hard at work on my thesis, the composition which is the culmination of my entire academic career (but no pressure or anything), and I didn’t really have time to write something new for #illomusicfriday. But it just so happened that a passage I wrote for my thesis fit well with Eleanor’s concept for this week’s word, “Childhood.” Both of our pieces aim for the mystery and seriousness and inner worlds of childhood, rather than something light and fun. I used all three of my music/audio applications for this piece: Sibelius (a music notation program, which I’m using to actually write and engrave the score for my thesis piece), Logic (a digital audio workstation or DAW; I thought I’d try using Logic’s instruments rather than Sibelius’s, but it turned out that Sibelius sounded a little better), and Pro Tools (another DAW, which I used to edit the audio file from Sibelius).


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