Words and music by AJ Harbison (2014)

My brother and sister-in-law asked me to write and perform a song for their first dance at their wedding reception, and I later recorded this demo version of the song, called “Yours”.

It started with a war and a journey
The long night’s journey into day
The consolations of philosophy
Oh they fall far too quickly away
But share a story on the road with a chum
Of the city that you have come from
As you look to a city yet to come

The progress of two pilgrims on the road
To a place that they hope to regain
Is a story of changes that ebb and that flow
Through the sunshine and through the rain
So lay all that hinders aside
Come close and walk alongside
Make me the place where you hide

I’ll be your home, your hearth on the road
A sheltering eye in the storm
When winter winds blow and all turns to cold
My heart will keep you warm
Whatever may pass and whatever lies before

I will always be yours

The story of a friend’s loss remembered
And the loneliness you can’t escape
Are the stories that brought us together
Struck a spark that we fanned to a flame
Through the ice and through the fire
Through the desert of desire
We’ll go further in and higher


Oh and never forget in the darkness
What you knew to be true in the light
When the battle is joined in your heart and your mind
I’ll be armed and I’m ready to fight