Songs From My Shelf – Unbreakable

I see her as a little girl so sweet and unaware
Of all the pain this world has to give
Blissfully ignorant of all that is to come
Hard lessons of a life she’s yet to live
And now as she looks back at the path that lies behind
And as she looks ahead whate’er her God ordains is right

And the lines of her years are carved on her face
Hidden in roots that the wind cannot shake
She’s a testament to the power of grace
She will ever bend but she can never break

I see her in her youth as a growing budding tree
No longer swaying with the wind but standing tall
Hanging tough the going rough she holds the pain inside
But even the leaves that mask her heart must fall
And the yellow-orange leaves that she loved so much
May be pretty to the eye but they crumble at the touch

There is beautiful pain that wounds as it heals
There is balm in Gilead for every pain that she feels

Now many years have passed her husband now stands at her side
Her faithful companion through the rains
Two sons the arrows in her quiver they’ve been shot into the world
But with them she still remains
Teacher guide and friend she passes on her story
She will live forever live in us and live in glory