Songs From My Shelf – South

Standing on the shore of a vast and a menacing darkness
The wind blows my hair but there’s none in my sails
Trying in vain to glimpse the lights that off the black west wen
My mind goes black but a thousand lies rush in to fill the void

And my thoughts have flown south in this winter
They linger upon you my love and my light
My arms long to hold you my ears need to hear you
Telling me everything will be alright

Staring at the sky at this unrelenting void
This icy darkness that seeks to swallow me whole
What are we here for and what can we do
All the promises broken our dreams trampled down and we die alone

I’ve heard that in the land of the blind
The one-eyed man is the king
Both of my eyes have seen the light
But I’ve been struck blind like a cursed thing

Standing on the edge of a too-familiar dark
The deepest corners of my own heart
As black as all sin and as dark as the night
Can you still love me will you be the one to restore my sight

And my thoughts have returned with your guiding
My gaze returns to the east
The sun as it rises brings new light to my eyes
Tell me that everything will be alright, alright
He will make everything alright my love