Songs From My Shelf – Secret Garden

This secret garden is still like I found it
Under lock and key
So many treasures hidden within the walls
Forbidden fruit haunts me

So give me wine and drown me quickly
‘Cause these sorrows can swim
Give me a smoke to sting my eyes
And turn these lights to dim
Turn these bright lights to dim

‘Cause just one kiss from your eyes is all I’ve ever wanted
Just one touch of your lips would set my heart free
I know it can’t satisfy but I’m spending all my time
Looking for the key

I wonder if someone before me
Ever made his way in
Did he pick the lock did he climb the gate
And did he pay for his sin

So intoxicate me with your eyes
And I’ll gladly drown in that sea
Blind me with your radiant smile
‘Cause in your light I think I can see
But can I ever really see