Songs From My Shelf – Cross My Heart (Hope To Die)

The moon’s just short of full tonight
As it hangs up in the sky
But I’m feeling a little more incomplete
And I can’t stop asking why
But you’re just a little too prejudiced
And I’m just much too proud
To ever admit that the two of us
Could ever make three a crowd

So cross my heart hope to die
I’m calling for my heart to be crucified
All hope is lost ‘cause by my side
There’s nobody promising me paradise

Your cup’s half full my cup’s half gone
As we toast each other’s health
We say we’re friends but I can’t help wondering
What if we were something else
But I’m starting to think I’m a bit too proud
And you’re far too prejudiced
To let go of the trunk to go out on a limb
And make the blind leap to a kiss

Cross my heart hope to die
But hope springs eternal and my heart wants to fly
But if it’s for love then I’d gladly go blind
If somebody would promise me paradise

Cross my heart hope to die
Now I’m out of the frying pan but I’m into the fry
I’ve come this far it’s do or die
So I want you here by my side

Cross my heart hope to die
If you say no then it’s suicide
So just say yes and I’ll be satisfied
Can you please baby
Can you please promise me paradise