Songs From My Shelf (2010)

Songs From My Shelf Cover

Album art by Jessica Howard
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1. Who I Am
2. All I Need
3. Secret Garden
4. Flame
5. Long Road
6. Building The Bridge
7. Too Far
8. Every Tear
9. South
10. Cross My Heart (Hope To Die)
11. Unbreakable


All songs written by AJ Harbison, except “Long Road” written by Tom Ewing and arranged by AJ Harbison

All instruments and vocals performed by AJ Harbison, except violin in “Too Far” performed by Eleanor Harbison

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Edited, Engineered, Special Effects-ed, etc. etc. etc. by AJ Harbison

Recorded at Muse Room Studios, Costa Mesa, CA


AJ Harbison would like to thank all the people, ideas, instruments, computers, sound equipment and (very) late nights that made this album possible.

Special Thanks:

To all the friends, family members, enemies and life situations that have made me “Who I Am.”

To Flannery O’Connor, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Harper Lee, J.R.R. Tolkein, Charles Williams, Katherine Paterson, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Orson Scott Card, and all the other authors who have shaped “Who I Am” (both as a person and a song) and contributed (albeit unbeknownst to themselves) to all the literary allusions on the CD.

To WordPress, for being an awesome way to run a website.

To John Pahn, for the mike stand he gave me. Couldn’t have made the album without it.

To Tom Ewing, who wrote a song for his infant son and asked me to record it, and has waited many more years than I’d care to admit to finally hear it.

To my friend Jessica, for three reasons: 1) for writing a poem late one night which became the inspiration for “Too Far;” 2) for once telling me I was no loser; and 3) for creating the rocking album artwork.

To my wife Eleanor, who has seen me at my best and at my worst and still loves me anyway, who contributed four violin notes to the CD, and who was an immeasurably helpful second pair of ears through the whole process. I love you.

And finally, to all my fans, who have persevered despite not hearing a new album in five years, but who still love the music! And to all the new fans about to be discovered: Thanks, and welcome!


AJ Harbison uses and endorses the following products: Ovation guitars, Dunlop picks, D’Addario strings, Fender amps, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro computers, Apple iPods and Logic software.

AJ Harbison wishes he had enough money to use and endorse the following products: Martin guitars, Gibson guitars, Steinway pianos, Vox amps, Fishman amps, Bose sound systems, Nissan 350Z automobiles, Kirby vacuum cleaners and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory truffles.

Scary-Looking FBI “We Know Where You Live” Copyright Warning:

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