Original Demo – Flame



I am a servant of the secret fire
A wielder of the flame
One of the consumed, the phoenix from the ashes
Many one, but not the same
A white stone with a new name
The unquenchable, untouchable flame

The fire is a living thing
It breathes, it feeds, it grows
Consuming all who touch it, the wild fire spreads
Wherever the wind, the spirit blows
A raging force no man can tame
The unquenchable, untouchable flame

The fire rages through dead wood
Leaves only ashes in its wake
A painful cleansing, but only in this death
Can true life and love awake
From ashes, beauty, no more shame
The unquenchable, untouchable flame

Is it enough that I have cheated on my lover
My only true desire
Is it enough that I have sought after another
When my love’s arms are fire
Dare I my condemnation claim
Is it enough, is it enough to quench the flame

The fire lives to purify
All the filth to burn away
Until that yearned for time, when all things are made new
The fire lights eternal day
All in all consuming flame
Every tear is burned away
The lovers consummate their claim
In the unquenchable, eternal shining flame