Instrumentation: String quartet (two violins, one viola, one violoncello)

Duration: ca. 9 minutes

I. M.5.S.Q.
II. L.P.S.Q.
III. U.2.S.Q.
IV. E.V.S.Q.
V. C.C.S.Q.

Year composed: 2006

Place composed: Fullerton, CA

Program Notes: P.S.Q. (which stands for Pop String Quartet) is a five-movement work that blurs the lines between and blends the styles of popular music and concert music. Each of the five movements is based on the rhythms, articulations, form, and other elements of a song by a famous rock band (U2, Evanescence, Maroon 5, etc.), while using atonal pitch material. The work utilizes extended techniques and special effects to imitate the sound and feel of a rock band, and the atonal material becomes surprisingly accessible when placed in the context of familiar rhythmic and textural idioms. It’s a piece that requires a great deal of energy and vitality; it’s challenging but very exciting.