Incidental Music for A Night Sky

Performed by Barbara Sanders (flute), James Lee (clarinet), Aaron Eastwood (horn), Chris Murphy (trombone), Carl Stronach (percussion), Seryong Lee (piano), Jeff Fritz (violin I), Alex Wen (violin II), Miguel Cunanan (viola), and Katie Mendenhall (violoncello), conducted by Dustin R. Barr

Instrumentation: Large ensemble (flute, clarinet, horn, trombone, percussion and vibraphone, piano, two violins, viola and violoncello)

Duration: ca. 9 minutes

Year composed: 2007

Place composed: Fullerton, CA

Dedication: This work is dedicated to Eleanor Crawford, whose shared memory of a New Orleans sky inspired its composition.

Program Notes: This work undertakes the musical depiction of a night sky, complete with wind rustling in the trees, snatches of half-remembered melodies and a thunderstorm.